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   For over 160 years, Bluck’s has been a merchant house for the finer things in life. In our long history, we have dealt with almost every commodity but since the turn of the 20th century we have specialised in the finest British and European bone china, porcelain and crystal.

Lt. Col. Michael Darling (left)
and Peter David Darling
Our founder, John Bluck, came to Bermuda from Bewdley, Shropshire, England in 1816 and established the company in 1844. The Blucks were well known as outstanding public figures with A. W. Bluck who died in 1945, having the rare distinction of being the Speaker of Bermuda’s Parliament, Mayor of Hamilton and President of the Bank of Bermuda, all at the same time.

Mr. Leslie Darling joined the company in 1935 and became the owner on the death of Mr. John Bluck in 1942. Mr. Darling spent 38 years of his life devoted to building the reputation for quality and excellence that Bluck’s now enjoys.

Today the company is run by his son Lt. Col. Michael Darling and grandson Peter David Darling who ensure that our reputation is well maintained and that our traditions continue.